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Genoveva Mills

United States

Review of DogWatch Hidden Fences

Verified May 15, 2022
United States

"Freedom for me and my dog"

I live on a farm in the country. My family and I got a dog about a year ago. When our neighbor came to our house with our dog who had been visiting him, we decided to get a Hidden fence. Laurie Spain, her husband Mark, and her son Nathan, have been exceptional in their service. They performed the installation and training we needed to successfully keep our dog home, which gave us peace of mind. Our dog is also a house dog. However, there are places in our home we don’t want the dog to have access to. Our homemade solution was to put up baby gates that we still had from when our children were young. We had gates in the doorways of bedrooms and across the kitchen and dining room. I am in a wheelchair, so not only did our homemade solution provide boundaries for the dog, it put me in a bind as I had to be let in and out of rooms and the kitchen. We called Laurie, from Stateline Dog Watch and asked her to install indoor boundaries. The freedom this gave me, my family members, and our dog was immeasurable. No more gates and fences in our home! We recently purchased the Sidewalker collar. Our dog almost immediately went from uncontrollable on a leash to a wonderful companion. What a fantastic training tool the SideWalker is! I am extremely happy with the entire experience.

Date of experience: May 15, 2022