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DogWatch Hidden Fences

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Verified Sep 21, 2022
United States

"We kind of had an emergency"

We kind of had an emergency, my dogs invisible fence collar stopped working after 10 years, I called Jennifer at dogwatch and let her know my sense of urgency because our Blacklab was getting out of the yard. Jennifer was able to meet me to replace the collar receiver under warranty on the same day. I cannot be more grateful for the quick and professional service. Our black lab Samson, is family and we want to keep him safe. Thank you you Jennifer.

Date of experience: Sep 21, 2022

Verified Sep 07, 2022
United States

"It’s a game changer in keeping your pups out of flower beds!"

Very pleased with the invisible fence. We are using it to keep the pups from plowing thru our flower beds. It’s extended to the front and enjoy having the dogs hangout with us in front as well. We did have an adjustment to set perimeter back a bit. Pups learned very quickly and it’s a none issue. Highly recommend!

Date of experience: Sep 07, 2022

Verified Aug 23, 2022
United States

"Wonderful service"

Wonderful service. Always responsive on the phone and in residential fence checks when needed. Jack found that our landscaping service nicked the wires cutting off our service, but agreed that the wire shouldn't have been reachable. Timely service, friendly, and no charge. We can't give them a higher ranking than 5 but would if we could.

Date of experience: Aug 23, 2022

Verified Aug 21, 2022
United States

"100% Satisfied!"

Our experience was all around perfect. Communication was prompt, positive, and clear. All interactions were based on meeting our needs and our dog’s needs. We were educated on the service, equipment, process, and training thoroughly; leaving us to feel confident in making the right decision to lead and protect our dog.

Date of experience: Aug 21, 2022

Verified Jul 10, 2022
United Kingdom

"It went quite quickly"

It went quite quickly. They erected the fence just as we planned and made some adjustments at our request. That was done instantly, with no questions asked. Your dog will be trained, and if you have any further training needs, they will be there to help you out. It's all set and secure for my dog.

Date of experience: Jul 10, 2022

Verified May 27, 2022
United Kingdom

"What a blessing"

What a blessing. We are nearing two years with this Hidden Fence that has so improved our lives. The process to explore options, work through installation, training, and support has been so do able. The team was efficient and thoughtful. Our dog learned quickly. The system has been reliable. The freedom it affords is amazing. Our dog and family are free to enjoy the yard with no worry of our pet wandering in to harms way.

Date of experience: May 27, 2022

Verified May 15, 2022
United States

"Freedom for me and my dog"

I live on a farm in the country. My family and I got a dog about a year ago. When our neighbor came to our house with our dog who had been visiting him, we decided to get a Hidden fence. Laurie Spain, her husband Mark, and her son Nathan, have been exceptional in their service. They performed the installation and training we needed to successfully keep our dog home, which gave us peace of mind. Our dog is also a house dog. However, there are places in our home we don’t want the dog to have access to. Our homemade solution was to put up baby gates that we still had from when our children were young. We had gates in the doorways of bedrooms and across the kitchen and dining room. I am in a wheelchair, so not only did our homemade solution provide boundaries for the dog, it put me in a bind as I had to be let in and out of rooms and the kitchen. We called Laurie, from Stateline Dog Watch and asked her to install indoor boundaries. The freedom this gave me, my family members, and our dog was immeasurable. No more gates and fences in our home! We recently purchased the Sidewalker collar. Our dog almost immediately went from uncontrollable on a leash to a wonderful companion. What a fantastic training tool the SideWalker is! I am extremely happy with the entire experience.

Date of experience: May 15, 2022

Verified Apr 29, 2022
United States

"The Dogwatch group has been wonderful…"

The Dogwatch group has been wonderful and responsive from beginning to end. They speak the truth about their administrations and were best as far as we're concerned. The establishment was fast and not the slightest bit troublesome to our everyday practice, and incredible preparation counsel, and customary subsequent meet-ups.

Date of experience: Apr 29, 2022

Verified Mar 31, 2022

"Great and highly recommend"

Travis was great with explaining how dog watch works and install. After install he was patient working with us and our dogs to teach us how to train on the system. Super easy and highly recommend!

Date of experience: Mar 31, 2022

Verified Mar 24, 2022
United States

"I can only say what a great relief it…"

I can only say what a great relief it has been since we had our dog fence installed!! Our 2 very curious and bouncy boxers know exactly where they can and can't go and don't attempt to leave even though some parts of our quarter acre garden has no fence at all. When I've needed to contact the company to order batteries or replacement bits they couldn't have been more helpful. I would highly recommend this company and their products. Worth every penny!!

Date of experience: Mar 24, 2022

About DogWatch Hidden Fences

At DogWatch, we understand that your pet is an important part of your family. We’ve been making Hidden Dog Fence Systems and Pet Training Products since 1990. It’s what we do – It’s ALL we do! Our underground hidden fences are less expensive, safer and more reliable than a traditional dog fence – and have safety and convenience features not found in other “invisible” dog fences. Our products provide freedom, safety and peace of mind – and make pet ownership easier and more enjoyable..

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