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Verified Feb 23, 2020
United Kingdom

"I work with the financial advisor Alicia..."

I work with the financial advisor Alicia, who makes the picks or funds the I have my brokerage accounts copy these picks in real time and she charges me a 10% of the profits she makes, which is fair enough. The costs from Nuvoak are minimal and the online reports are excellent.

Date of experience: Feb 23, 2020

Verified Jan 29, 2020
United States

"Incredibly Helpful"

I am not well versed in finances, these guys make it a lot easier. Their amazing algorithmic trading approach allows me to invest the way I want without having to learn and select everything myself. It automatically makes changes based on my preferences for risk. I spoke with Alicia over the phone to set it up and she was incredibly helpful!

Date of experience: Jan 29, 2020

About NuvOak

NuvOak offers custom financial solutions for our clients’ needs. Alicia Mae Courville with her team, help individuals and families develop a successful investment plan and guidance. We understand your challenges and have the experience to offer tailored solutions to meet your financial needs..

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Financial Services