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Verified Jul 20, 2022
United States

"Best for a more personalized guidance towards investing"

Alicia is sensitive to our needs and wishes. She was able to clarify our investment portfolio by clear explanations and visual charts which helped us to understand better. She is always very professional and always shows interest in our family life which adds a personal touch. Staff are always welcoming. I would not hesitate in recommending Nuvoak.

Date of experience: Jul 20, 2022

Verified Jun 27, 2022
United States

"Always there to help"

Alicia Mae Courville is generous with his time. She really tries to help me understand my financial situation and I come away feeling reassured. I feel grateful for the clarification she provides, and I feel confident that she will be helpful if I require further explanations. Her staff are also excellent.

Date of experience: Jun 27, 2022

Verified Jun 04, 2022
United States

"Best money management I have seen!"

I got into a hefty sum by inheritance several months ago and was quite confused as to what to do with it since it was in the 6 figures. Then I heard about Alicia through a friend and decided to check out her services. After 3 months trial period, I rolled over the whole sum to her expert management. She's really a force to be reckoned with and till date, I am still amazed at the incredible performance of my portfolio. Alicia is our full time financial planner now and I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of a constantly profitable portfolio or investment guidance

Date of experience: Jun 04, 2022

Verified Jun 01, 2022
United States

"This is what financial advisors should do"

This is what financial advisors should do! I have never had this kind of experience in the past with financial advisers and this is the kind of service I have been looking for. It’s nice to have one place to come to, without being too large or institutional. I feel like you know the whole picture and if anything happened to me now, I know my family will be looked after.

Date of experience: Jun 01, 2022

Verified May 18, 2022
United States

"Very Professional"

Alicia makes you feel important and gives you the info you need at the level you can understand. Sound advice even if it is not what you expected.

Date of experience: May 18, 2022

Verified May 15, 2022
United States

"Above and beyond"

Since investing with NuvOak, we have worked together to get a clear understandable plan for our future which gives us confidence and security knowing what kind of lifestyle we can lead. In addition, we have seen gains in our portfolio in a short space of time which is a reassuring indicator. Our meetings are consultative and personal with all decisions made after full discussion and clear explanation.

Date of experience: May 15, 2022

Verified May 14, 2022

"It's been solid six years"

My wife and I met Alicia Mae Courville in 2016. We knew how to earn money and knew how to spend money but when it came to financial planning we were novices. After meeting with Alicia, we took on her recommendations and here we are 6 years on extremely pleased with the decision we made. We find the entire NuvOak team pleasant at all times and easy to work. They are always contactable, courteous and helpful and they are so easy to recommend to others.

Date of experience: May 14, 2022

Verified May 12, 2022
United States

"I love the work ethics of this company"

It is good to have financial check-ups and Nuvoak has all the tools and resources to do this in a very professional yet friendly way. Alicia provides an independent focus on your priorities in the light of changing circumstances and legislation. I have always found her services excellent and recommend her wholeheartedly.

Date of experience: May 12, 2022

Verified May 02, 2022
United States

"An advisor and more."

We have been with Alicia Mae Courville at NuvOak now for three years. Her small team have made an effort to get to know us and so the service we receive feels very personal. Alicia has helped us to focus on what we want out of life and is helping us realize our plans. The peace of mind we have from knowing our finances are being so well managed is priceless.

Date of experience: May 02, 2022

Verified Apr 23, 2022
United States

"The little things that make a big difference are what you notice."

It’s a small team and I like that. You are treated like a friend not just a number. Very friendly staff, everyone is efficient, polite and knowledgeable and go that little bit further than others. The little things that make a big difference are what you notice.

Date of experience: Apr 23, 2022

About NuvOak

NuvOak offers custom financial solutions for our clients’ needs. Alicia Mae Courville with her team, help individuals and families develop a successful investment plan and guidance. We understand your challenges and have the experience to offer tailored solutions to meet your financial needs..

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