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Verified Oct 17, 2022
United States

"My pup has had a rough ride so far."

My pup has had a rough ride so far he's had plates put on both knees and then a few years later he got cancer, he's had 11 tumors removed from his right knee alone, it's no longer operable, he developed a golf ball sized tumor on that knee and that's when I started using the Lolahemp, and about 5 weeks to 8 weeks afterwards that tumor was gone and he got the zoomies again, so Lolahemp will be a daily part of his life for his remaining time with us!!!

Date of experience: Oct 17, 2022

Verified Oct 16, 2022
United States

"Best product I've found"

Best product I've found. I have a dog that is designed, has neurological issues along with a seizure disorder. She was totally blind and had Grand Mal seizures often. This oil was the 6th or 7th I tried on her. She has responded wonderfully. I was able to reduce the seizure medication dosage and she has regained some Dighton in her one eye. She will never be "normal ", but, is a wonderful girl. Thank you LolaHemp. I also started my other dogs on this oil.

Date of experience: Oct 16, 2022

Verified Oct 10, 2022
United Kingdom

"My elder dog has a deterioration of his…"

My elder dog has a deterioration of his spine and is taking pain meds.He also has a sensitive stomach.Lolahemp has helped in his pain management In a way it cut down on his dosage of pain meds.It has helped with his stomach issues as well.Im glad I found this product.

Date of experience: Oct 10, 2022

Verified Oct 07, 2022

"My Giant Schnauzer has front leg…"

My Giant Schnauzer has front leg arthritis causing a lot of pain when walking. Lola Hemp CBD oil has made a big difference in her quality of life. She is doing so much better on our walks and after the walk. She still limps after our walks but not nearly as bad as before we started giving her the oil. Thank you.

Date of experience: Oct 07, 2022

Verified Oct 03, 2022
United States

"Great product"

Great product, (helps my guy with his ACLs) with amazing support.

Date of experience: Oct 03, 2022

Verified Oct 02, 2022
United States

"I have a 13 year old doxie and he has…"

I have a 13 year old doxie and he has trouble walking. With Lola Hemp CBD oil that has changed. He isn't 100% but he is much improved! I also give it to my 10 year old doxie who has anxiety and this really helps. Thank you Lola Hemp!

Date of experience: Oct 02, 2022

Verified Sep 30, 2022
United Kingdom

"Quick to respond with quality products"

Lolahemp has always quickly responded to all of my concerns and questions about their products and delivery. The products have been good for my dog who has several health issues, as well as for myself with the CBD for humans. I highly recommend this company.

Date of experience: Sep 30, 2022

Verified Sep 19, 2022
United Kingdom

"This product is amazing"

This product is amazing. I have a 17 year old Chihuahua with horrible arthritis. She gets 2 doses every day, one in the morning & 1 in the evening. It helps hers so much. The customer service is amazing as well. I had issues with a coupon code once. I sent a message and it was immediately taken care of. LolaHemp values their customers and it's 100% evident. Will continue to be with them.

Date of experience: Sep 19, 2022

Verified Sep 10, 2022
United States

"My Siberian Husky (Abby Gail) was…"

My Siberian Husky (Abby Gail) was diagnosed with osteosarcoma May 2020. It was then I was introduced to LOLA!! What a difference in my girl. She's 14 years old, takes her oil twice a day. To date she's still going STRONG! I can't thank Joey & Lola for giving my girl a 2nd chance. SHE is my WORLD!!!

Date of experience: Sep 10, 2022

Verified Aug 30, 2022
United Kingdom

"Love the lolahemp"

Love the lolahemp. My dogs have been taking for about a year. I have 2older small dogs. They act like puppies sometimes. I will keep giving to them. They remind me every morning.

Date of experience: Aug 30, 2022

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