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Verified Oct 07, 2022
United Kingdom

"Kayla and Sherlock with Healthy Smiles…"

Kayla and Sherlock with Healthy Smiles handled my girls’ dentals last week. We’ve had dentals under anesthetic in the past; lately (at least 5 years now, could be closer to 10) we’ve been doing non-anesthetic dentals. I have to say that the non-anesthetic is so much simpler, less physically traumatizing to the pupster as opposed to the anesthesia. The dental techs did and have done a fabulous job over the years. They report back any findings and concerns. End of the day, two happy and healthier pups with clean choppers, one happy human. All is well with the world 😎

Date of experience: Oct 07, 2022

Reply from HealthySmiles Pet Dental Oct 11, 2022

Hi Yadira, We're so grateful for this fabulous 5-star feedback! Thank you for taking the time to share your experience, and for trusting and allowing us to care for their oral health. We're delighted to hear your furry babies had a terrific dental experience with Kayla and Sherlock, as they are truly amazing. We are excited to be on this journey together! We hope to see you again soon, as usual!

Verified Sep 11, 2022
United States

"I will never use anyone else to provide…"

I will never use anyone else to provide dental services for my yorkie. Catherine is the best. She did such a fantastic job and she was so caring and patient. She took her time and did everything to make my little Bruno comfortable!

Date of experience: Sep 11, 2022

Verified Aug 26, 2022
United States

"HealthySmiles Did a fantastic cleaning"

HealthySmiles Pet Dental took great care of our fur babies teeth. Their teeth look amazing and best part was no Anesthesia was used. We love our babies and knowing the risk involved being sedated made us look at options. HealthySmiles is our best option and convenient as the services was offered at Chixie’s boarding and grooming. Thank you for cleaning our babies teeth and I even got to see the video of them having the cleaning performed, which is a bonus.

Date of experience: Aug 26, 2022

Verified Aug 19, 2022
United States

"This was my first time"

This was my first time with my pup (Ivey)who cannot go under anesthesia I am So happy I used them My pup was happy and her teeth are beautiful Worried for no reason They treated my baby as if she was their baby!!!

Date of experience: Aug 19, 2022

Verified Aug 17, 2022
United States

"So happy!"

I cannot believe the difference in my dog’s teeth! I must admit that I was skeptical at first, but decided to give a try. I’m so glad I did! I’m so happy with the results!

Date of experience: Aug 17, 2022

Verified Aug 06, 2022
United Kingdom

"Sparkling Teeth"

Our experience was amazing! Our dog’s teeth are so clean now! We received before and after photos and a complete, very detailed report of what was found. The best part was no anesthesia! The procedure took about an hour and the price was very fair. We received a follow up call and text afterwards to check on our dog to make sure all was well. We will definitely be scheduling again in the future. We highly recommend HealthySmile Pet Dental!

Date of experience: Aug 06, 2022

Verified Jul 31, 2022
United States

"This was an all around awesome…"

This was an all around awesome experience. Our furbaby is 14 years 8 months old. I didn’t want to put him through anesthesia at his age. Having done it before so expensive and he was great throughout the experience. He does not like to be touched except by me and he was a total gentleman allowing Kayla to do her magic and make our Boy’s teeth shinny white again. Thank you so much and we will be going back for our other furbaby. Thank you!!!

Date of experience: Jul 31, 2022

Reply from HealthySmiles Pet Dental Aug 06, 2022

Hi Saige, We're so grateful for this fabulous 5-star review! Thank you for taking the time to share your experience, and for trusting and allowing us to care for his oral health. We're delighted to hear he had a terrific dental experience with Kayla, as she is truly amazing. We are excited to be on this journey together! We hope to see you again soon!

Verified Jul 29, 2022
United Kingdom

"I am very surprised I never imagined…"

I am very surprised I never imagined that dental cleaning without anesthesia could be so effective my puppy is happy, she had no problem after cleaning, her teeth are beautiful and ultra white. it is not like with anesthesia that they are droopy and very strange for a couple of days Clarita was happy playing and everything as always as if nothing had happened I'm So Happy “Never again with anesthesia” you’re the BEST!!!

Date of experience: Jul 29, 2022

Verified Jul 25, 2022
United States

"Happy Yorkie"

I have brought our Yorkie in for a healthy smile every six months. His teeth are sparkling afterwards. Wish mine looked as good after cleaning..

Date of experience: Jul 25, 2022

Verified Jul 13, 2022
United States

"Berenice cleaned both of my toy…"

Berenice cleaned both of my toy poodles’ teeth and did an amazing job! I had great experience from both times with her. I was really surprised that she was able to clean both of my dogs’ teeth as they have no experience with teeth brushing and was expecting the worst. Luckily, Berenice cleaned both teeth with great success and was able to provide a before and after photo to show the results. Wow!!! I was really impressed with the outcome :) Highly recommend HealthySmiles as they are highly professional and knowledgeable on what they do for your pets dental.

Date of experience: Jul 13, 2022

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We deep clean your pet’s teeth safely, without anesthesia. Your pet’s teeth need regular deep cleanings to help prevent periodontal disease, which can cause gum and tooth loss..

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